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MIXED BAG campbell.my/mixed-bag Rain Falls on Fishpond (haiku) Snow on Distant Hills (haiku) Lovely Teeth (limerick) Sex and Violence and Old Ladies (limerick) Looking Overweight (2 stanzas) Overweight (3 stanzas) The Fat Guy's Birthday (pantoum) An Old Pillar of Western Democracy  (lampoon) As These Rules Are Fine (rhymed haiku) Semester Goodbye (haiku) Unseen Terror (scary pantoum) Grey Watcher (scary pantoum) Mysterious Moon (tanka) Alien Poet (5 lines) Piss Artist (pantoum) Even Zombies Fear (haiku) Remember Beaches (tanka) Looking for Stinkwaves (limerick) Dog.Dog.Dog (nonce) Alimigator (rhymed aaaaaaaa) Tango at the Crossroads (experimental pantoum) Though Now Long Withered (haiku) Tablets of Stone Lie (haiku) Message In a Bottle (6 lines) Fountain Pen (quatrain) 23 published poems