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SUPERNATURAL campbell.my/supernatural Forever Young Published by Fiction365 as the featured story 19 June 2012.      (355 words) Starting Again Cherry Picked, ABCtales Competition Anthology 2011.      (930 words) Ellie Closes the Book Published in The Straitjackets Magazine 2011.   (1,275 words) What the Ghost Left Published in Golden Visions Magazine Spring Online Edition 2011, ISSN No 1942 4450. First appeared in ABCtales, 2004.        (880 words) Melting Clocks Melting Clock was published in Bewildering Stories, Issue 428, 2011. First appeared, Second Place Arts Pagoda Forum. Short Story Competition on VoicesNet, 2004.        (320 words) The Timepiece First Place, Adult Creative Writing Club Competition No.75, 2007.   (1,730 words) The Maze Published in Twisted Tongue Magazine Issue 14, 2009, ISSN 1749-9941. First appeared, Runner-up, Adult Creative Writing Club, Competition No 86, Oct 2008.   (1,470 words) The Wild Side Published in Golden Visions Magazine, Spring 2012 Issue. ISSN No. 1942-4450. First appeared, First Place, Adult Creative Writing Club Competition No. 114, Feb 2011.        (850 words)